Design That Generates Profit

The Story

A few years ago interior designer Cuoco Black had just completed the design of the-gone-but-not-forgotten “Gin Lane Restaurant” in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District with spectacular results. The restaurant was awash with the media as a result of the celebrities who descended onto it from the worlds of film, fashion and finance. Shortly thereafter he received and invitation from Paris France to design a cocktail lounge, The Experimental Cocktail Club, for three young finance brokers who abandoned their brokerage careers with the lure to build a cocktail lounge brand on a global level. The lounge went on to be ranked one of the “Top Bars In The World” by and has allowed the principals to expand their Brand to London and New York City…with more to come. His design for the Mid City Gym in Manhattan’s Times Square guaranteed the owner marketplace dominance in one of the toughest real estate markets in the world.

Experimental Cocktail
Gin Lane Restaurant
Mid City Gym

Client Profits First - A Paradigm Shift

One common denominator which defines these enterprises was the identical requests made of him by the principals…and that which resonated with Black, was the fact that the clients, across diverse industries sought beautiful design and interior branding on a budget. All clients expect this, it’s not an exceptional expectation, said Black. I did however experience a Paradigm Shift, “it was my perspective” said the designer. All these years he had been designing beautiful spaces employing smart design strategies which benefited the clients build-out costs. He was doing by instinct, training and experience…that which was central to the client’s fiduciary needs. “I was thinking good design” said Black, “however I was practicing fiduciary controls”.

The shift was…Client Profits First-Beautiful Design As A Result.

How It's Done

Everything we design is done in a way that helps you save money, acquire customers and generate a profit.

The way we do this is by :

•Retaining existing structural, mechanical and architectural when possible

•Blending large amounts of inexpensive design materials with small amounts of precious design materials

•Creating dramatic and theatrical architectural design which defines your Brand

•Employing psychological sales techniques which captivate and seduce your customers

As a byproduct of saving you money and smart branding….the resulting spaces are always breathtaking....whatever your vision…we can do the same for you.

Branding and Differentiation For The Independent Entrepreneur

If you are an independent owner of a fitness center, lounge or restaurant competing against all pricing models we ask you to note the diverse character of the projects in our portfolio, and to be aware of the branding elements of each facility. The designs of each of these enterprises illustrate four important characteristics:

•Each are laser-accurate-brands that telegraph the product or service that is being marketed

•Each are unique designs that exhibit powerful differentiation features to competitors within the respective industry

•Each are unique onto themselves within our portfolio i.e., we don’t replicate design for one client that looks like it was done for another

•The Boutique Design aesthetic/trend is never used in our design work which can undermine your marketing and branding efforts

If you are like me you understand the nuance of quality, value, style, and the freedom associated with this lifestyle. One path to such lifestyle requires a keen eye, an ambitious attitude and sophisticated hand. As a metaphor for a sophisticated hand we could infer that to mean the selections we make to expand our business and create our brand ….including the choice of consultants who can help us save money and generate profits. We believe that entrepreneurs can hedge their bets for future profit and marketplace dominance by employing design that saves money and defines a Brand.
Yours truly,
Cuoco Black
President, Cuoco Black Interior Design