Mid City Gym
Times Square, New York City

Goal: Create an interior design concept (Brand) that would telegraph “Fitness Center” and at the same time capture the energy and drama of the Times Square neighborhood.

Challenge: A basement space would require a powerful entry area design to entice and seduce the public to explore the facility at the bottom of a steep stairwell.

Solution: Create a dramatic and theatrical design based on an Arnold Schwarzenegger film employing futuristic design materials and finishes marrying the bodybuilding icon to a gym interior brand.

The Story: Faced with stiff competition in a saturated real estate market Mid City Gym, one of the the country's oldest fitness centers, incorporates Interior Design Branding as a component to an expansion plan. The design concept titled MORPHED… inspired by the film Terminator 2- Judgment Day, is an eye catching, action packed, Hollywood-esque environment for physical fitness and personal training.

Branding Elements:

•Cobalt blue and orange digitized image of Arnold Schwarzenegger
•Cobalt blue and orange futuristic metallic floor tiles
•Blue and orange translucent door film
•Blue and orange acrylic bathroom divider panels
•Liquid metal orange mirror wall behind treadmills
•Blue and orange metallic mannequins resemble T-1000 character in movie
•Blue and orange glitter wallpaper in display niches
•Anodized blue and orange chain curtains in lockerooms