Curio Parlor-Paris France

"The geeky hotspot Curio Parlor is a speakeasy style lounge popular with a chic Parisian crowd"....

Ed Alcock, New York Times

Gin Lane Restaurant-New York City

"Actor Dennis Hopper, the electrifying Moby, and the newest face of Victoria's Secret, Brazillian model Izabel Goulart, all dining at separate tables at Gin Lane"....

Ed Alcock, New York Times

Nobis 5 Star Fitness Center and Spa-Irvington NY

“I have been to gyms all over the world with my client and I have just returned from Germany, this is by far the most beautiful gym I have ever seen”

Executive Personal Trainer, Nobis 5 Star Fitness Center

CRUNCH Flagship Gym - Union Square New York City

“The club’s design brings to life Crunch’s youthful and irreverent image and its philosophy of fusing entertainment and fitness. With updated signature Crunch décor, our members will recognize the energy of the Crunch brand but with an evolved and more stylized presentation”

Rebecca Rothman, VP Marketing for Crunch Fitness

Experimental Cocktail Club-Paris France

“..we're VERY VERY VERY HAPPY Cuoco….our accountant said that it's perhaps the highest income per square meter lounge he has ever seen in Paris"

Romee de Gorianoff Partner, Experimental Cocktail Club, Paris

Great Bay Athletic Club-Nashua New Hampshire

"Cuoco saved me forty thousand dollars with that recommendation, and in addition....gave me design that iced my competitor's"

John Terlizzi,Former Owner of Great Bay Athletic Club-Nashua New Hampshire

Entry Mid City Gym, Times Square Manhattan

“At one time I owned a Gold's Gym in New Jersey, I have been in hundreds of gyms over the past twenty years, this gym is the "COOLEST" gym I have ever seen"

Joe Manisculkco, Bayonne New Jersey